New Construction in New Jersey

Bring your dreams to a reality with a Custom Built Home

There's so much to know when building a custom home and because of that, we're here to guide you. Our New Construction process is very hands on and is designed to take the stress and worry out of your mind. RDA Building Contractors has been building custom homes since 1990 so our process and service is much different than many -- because of our experience.

Getting started - Setup introductory appointment

We recommend that you have your schedule available and contact our office by calling 732-223-5682 or book an appointment online. During this time we will schedule an introductory in-person appointment with Richard Wonsala, at our Wall, New Jersey office to go over your ideas and questions.
Construction Service — Construction in Wall, NJ
Planning and mapping of your new home

As we further discuss your ideas together will map out and plan the layout of your new home. Our goal is to tailor your home to fit your life and the future. We will showcase and recommend colors, materials and textures that reflect your ideas and style. We will also go over floor plan that will have living and entertaining needs in mind. Our worry-free building process allows you to share your ideas and we will bring them to a reality.

“Building a custom home is your largest investment you’ll make, partnering with RDA and myself will take the stress out of the journey” – Richard Wonsala

Questions? Contact Mr. Wonsala and R.D.A. Building Contractors at 732-223-5682 or book an appointment online so we may start bringing your dreams to a reality.
Interior features

  • Formal and informal spaces
  • Entertainment specific areas
  • Life balance spaces and private areas
  • Work, study and library designated areas
Exterior features

  • Design pattern with option for porches, columns and other designs
  • Elevation concerns
  • Outdoor features, spaces and landscapes
After sharing your ideas, creating your dream into vision and selecting your floor plan – it's time to start building….

Questions? Contact us at 732-223-5682 or book an appointment online so we may start bringing your dreams to a reality.