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Local Experts in Home Elevation to prevent flooding

There are several scenarios where raising your home can be a viable way to protect it and improve it: prevent flooding, add a story, add head room in a basement, or increase space for storage. Whether your structure needs to be raised 8 inches or more than 12 feet, we can handle the project.

We invite you to contact us if you've been holding off or unsure if Home Elevation is for you. Below are some reasons why you should consider elevating your home if you live by the shore or in a flood zone:
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“With the devastation that Monmouth & Ocean County have experienced with Super Storm Sandy, it’s more important today to partner with RDA because of our local experience and expertise.” – Richard Wonsala
Insurance Coverage, Response and Final Outcome

Insurance can be a wonderful lifesaver…when it protects what it was intended for. As a reminder, insurance companies have processes to ensure you claim is 100% compliant. There can be a technicality or circumstance within your policy that denies your claim. Being proactive and investing in Home Elevation in areas that are prone to flooding is the best route to go. There is no amount of money that will compensate for loss that has personal value to you.

Cost has risen and coverages vary

After storms like Irene and Super Storm Sandy, the insurance rates have risen and coverage/policies have changed because of the thousands of other people also making claims. The last claim you want to file is one that you could of prevented with a reasonable investment by planning ahead. We understand that it can be overwhelming so we invite you to contact one of our Home Elevation Specialists.

Being proactive and elevating your home

At any time the weather can work against us -- which is why it is important to weigh the risks and proactively plan your home elevation. During any major storm you can expect some type of damage, it is impossible to prevent everything. Most common damages after a storm involve roofing, windows, siding and ground & base flooding.

The advantage of investing in elevating your home is that you are able to bypass damages to your ground and base – which can be the most expensive and cause you to have to temporarily move out. Because the ground and base can be the most expensive and depending on the nearby damage, it can take a longer period of time for move-in approval and an insurance adjuster to approve any repair funds.

Mold is your worst enemy

When considering reasons to invest in Home Elevation, let Mold be one of the most important reasons why you elevate. There is no remediation and restoration company that will guarantee that mold will never return. When you elevate your home, you are protecting the base and ground from wet spots that if missed can cause health and financial problems in the future.

We're here to answer questions and set clear expectations

We invite you to contact our office. Richard Wonsala is available when you call 732-223-5682 or book an appointment online. Mr. Wonsala will walk you through the process, do a site inspection and answer your questions. We will then go into detail about timeline, procedures and cost involved to start the project.
“In the last 27 years, I take pride in the knowledge gained and team assembled to provide the one on one experience that our past and future clients desire. With me being involved in every facet of the job, that is truly the RDA Way.” – Richard Wonsala